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27 September 2008 @ 12:45 am
werewolf bar mitzvah... spooky scary!  
Halloweenn is around the corner!

I am going to a house party on the friday night and out to a club with a different set of friends saturday night!

I couldnt decide what to be and since I have two events with a different group of friends I may just get 2 seperate costumes!! For now I am thinking that I want to be Pocahontas one night and then Blair from Gossip Girl.

I madea a Polyvore set of what I want to get for Pocahontas. PLEASEEEEEEE comment!! I'm worried it looks too casual and not enough like a halloween costume. I havent figured out my blair stuff yet.


PLEASE let me know what you think loves <3 I feel like I should add more, but I don't know what? And I want it to all go together..!